Monday, November 14, 2011

I am about to do a series on "How to..." This is my part 1 to that series. Helpful Tools

Of course I have my Handy Dandy Sander.

I use this on flat solid surfaces. Before I paint, I always go over each surface with my sander. It helps get a 'grip' to the paint. You don't want to be lazy and just slap paint on wood. The oils, finish, whatever coats the item can cause your new paint to bubble or crack. (hey and that isn't always a bad thing - just sayin')

I never sand with my Black n Decker when doing detail work. I ONLY use my handy dandy- sponge sanding block.

BIG TIME helpful hint: have you been to the Dollar Tree recently? Well.. helloooo painting supplies! They have some great scrapers, sanders, and other tools there. Nothing like saving money on items that really don't need to be high quality.

2nd favorite repurposing/refinishing 'tool' is this:

Scent oils. Antiques often have an ummm stank odor to them. You know the blend between musty, moth balls, and that 'old' smell. I ALWAYS, even on newer cleaner pieces, put this scented oil drops in each drawer. I choose vanilla. Why? because I have it. You can do any scent in your furniture. They sell items like this at Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other similar stores.

More helpful hints coming over the weeks, so be sure to 'follow' my page. Hey and if you feel so inclined, share it as well. (my follow button is hidden at the bottom of the page or some other obscure location).

Happy painting, sanding, and refinishing!

Speaking of commissioned pieces, this weekend I was asked to take this very 90's armoir and bring out the charm in it. Both the client and I were very pleased with how it turned out.



I love paint.

This project was really fun, and now I am working on a custom piece for this same family. I will be working with a brand new tool.. the planer.  I did make a mean bird house when I was in middle school, so this should be pretty interesting.

Currently I am selling:

Little Red Writing Desk.  (precious precious!)

Cute? The boys were using it for homework, but we all agreed that sprawling on the floor just works best for their wiggly hineys. :)

Asking  $60.00

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Technical difficulties... I was having a problem with my computer. BUT that doesn't mean I wasn't busy creating some really special pieces.

It is so exciting when I find an old piece that is tossed to the wayside, unwanted. I love that I can sell it as a new piece, restored and refinished. The drawback is that I don't have a studio or a shop (currently) so I can only do a few pieces at a time. This leads into the exciting opportunity of getting commissioned to do pieces that already are owned by people. I have been hired now by several different people to work on things that they either love but are just not updated, or want to make into that 'special' piece in their home.

A friend of mine has the most incredible sense of style, she had some really stunning chairs that she wanted yellow. Ahhh.. color! I love when people aren't afraid! She also had some bar stools that she wanted me to refinish so they could match her decor.

Here is some of that commissioned work:

 I sanded and stained the seats to get rid of that yellow pine/plastic color that bar stools normally have.

My friend was very pleased with the outcome, as was I. I should have taken before photos, but the 'after' speaks for itself.

During my computer hiatus, I also refinished (and sold):

..... A leaded glass window panel converted to a lovely coffee table. I loved how it perfectly matched my 'rooster on a stick' (as my 6 year old calls it). I have another one of these tables in the works.. If you are interested send me a comment! :)

That's it for now.. I think that next layer of paint is almost dry, so the floor to ceiling hutch is calling me back to work, but I will update tomorrow with a few other items I have worked on for some friends.

If you have anything you would like to be refinished, let me know, send a comment after this post or send an email.


Friday, October 14, 2011

The something 'not so old' (but high quality) Ethan Allen end table has turned out as beautiful as I could have hoped. Solid wood similar to a butcher block top just couldn't be painted over. It did need some intense sanding so the wood was the center piece not the thick varnish.

I think the white paint accents the feminine scalloped details at the bottom. I hope you love the 'peek a boo' end table as much as I do. $75.00

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OK so it doesn't have to be old. Some more contemporary pieces have a long lasting quality to them that can be retouched and made to look loved, and worn and distressed. Bringing something that may be a little out dated back into something you would love to have in your home.

Currently I am working on a great end table that is solid wood from Ethan Allen. Best part about this end table is what is inside. Or what WILL be inside when someone buys it and crams it full of all the things you want no one to see.

I am calling it my 'peek a boo' table. As a mom of boys I can imagine all of the papers, bey blades, books, Lego's that can be hidden from view in this cute end table. And yet again, it is another one of those things that I would like to hoard keep, but my tiny dwelling won't allow it.

Sooo.....introducing the 'Peek a Boo' table:

Stay tuned.. the AFTER photos are coming.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OK fine, I admit it. I have a problem I love paint. I love sand paper, and really love making something that looks sort of tattered become beautiful again. So when I saw this Antique oak mission style dresser my heart fluttered. Strange, but it actually did.

The lighting isn't great so I will most likely have my dear husband drag this into the light so you can get a good sample of the color I have on it. But it is a soft green.


 It was hard to paint. I had the brush in my hand a sample of barn red and a sample
of the green. I am not sure what made me choose the green, but I am so glad I did.

SOLD!! :)

There is something to be said about having furniture that can last a century.

Found a charming turn of the century '2 over 4' drawer dresser with a tilt mirror. It has dove tail joints, bronze knobs, and completed with key holes on each drawer. Will be very special in someone's home.

Asking $180.00  SOLD

Monday, September 26, 2011

A new beginning

I type with my fingers covered in paint from my latest work. I love a new venture, and Spotted Hen Designs is just that, my new venture. I have been refinishing furniture for myself for years. I enjoy it so much that I am excited to now do it as a small business. It does seem as if I have become a hoarder of chairs, paint brushes, old shelves and other wonderful wood pieces, but I also feel like I am surrounded by art. I look forward to share that work here, with you. Please feel free to comment. To purchase, or make an order.

I am happy to find something for you, or refinish something that you already own. My best piece of advice when stepping into this world of wonderfully refinished furniture.... never be afraid of color.

The photos today include two turquoise caned seated chairs. They are the perfect addition to any dining set that needs a little brightening up. The pair is $50.00. SOLD :)