Saturday, February 25, 2012

I know.. I know.. it has been ages since I posted.

We went on a wish trip with our son, who has suffered with life threatening disease who whole life and then Christmas came, and then .. viola, I became one of 'those" bloggers that just fade away.

So since I am new at the whole blogging thing, and since my blogging revolves around physical labor and umm artistic impression, I am sure I get a pass.

Currently, I am working on an enormous piece of furniture. I found it in the back of some nasty garage, of an old bungalo down the street. It was full of tools, vice clamped to the top with grease pooling on the wood. It was covered with at least 5 layers of paint. The molding was missing on one side... but man, I couldn't resist.

I set that puppy up (read.. my husband and another very strong male neighbor set it up) outside my back porch. I grabbed a lawn chair , a beverage, and just sat and stared it for inspiration.

What was I thinking? It is a beast. A monster of a hutch/ cabinetry.

And, I am in loooove.

If, it didn't stink like years of sweaty stinky garage, I would almost just keep it the way it was. (excluding the big black pen mark on one of the doors that read: "NAILS, SCREWS, and STUFF").

It is THAT charming.

A friend of mine had stopped by, saw my contemplation and... bought it on the spot. OK. Problem 1, it was all about cleaning it, stripping, scraping, planing, and building molding.  SINCE, I am not furniture builder, I had to call a friend.

And so this is the story of.. the never ending job of "Big Bertha".

Yep it has a name, (and apparently a sex). Big Bertha has been the discussion of many texts and pm's from it's new owner. We have poured over color swatches, and finally found its newest coat.

Bertha isn't completed but will be shortly. When it is completed I will post the mother of all before and after pictures. And gladly send this monster off to it's new home.

Meanwhile, I have been asked to do several projects. One was a bed, and dresser for a good friend, and another was a door to be used as a prop for a local photographer. I have been working on stuff for my own home as well, but that will be another post. 

the door below came to me pepto bismal pink.. this is improved, if you ask me.

 I hope you enjoyed my newest update, and thank you to my new followers, how fun! Spread the word and I promise to not take such a hiatus again. 

Although, that Wish Trip was worth setting me back on my little business.