Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Magic Mike.. This is the way SHD strips:

Stripping: Not like you think. (this isn't THAT kind of blog)

I had a lovely woman contact me (a fellow blog reader!) about a piece of furniture that she only wanted stripped. Specifically the top of the table. She really wanted the black painted table top to match a beautiful hutch she already had, as well as a buffet she had just purchased. Admittedly, I am not an expert at stripping furniture, staining, and doing a true refinish, but after this table top I feel like I have earned my merit badge.

It was a solid black table top, manufactured and painted in some factory. I have now learned that manufactured spray painting is similar to a million coats of car paint. Not exactly easy to get off the wood. I also learned that 'safety' gear and apparel actually DO matter when using harsh chemicals.

note: paint stripper..... also reads: skin stripper  OUCH!

The main obstacle that I was having with the table had little to do with the table, but rather the Tropical Storm Debby Downer that hung over our house for 4 days. The rain preceding the tropical storm caused for such high humidity that I knew the polyurethane would never dry, and slow drying polyurethane is like a bug trap for ever gnat, and fuzz ball.

 So, inside the table went.

I say all of this to warn you, the photos aren't good, the glare in the house and the legos in background don't really showcase how beautifully it turned out. Nothing to 're-pin' here.

The table had already been stripped and sanded the week before, now it was time for the stain and finish. Note the 'official work space'. The usage of the Sponge Bob washcloth to stain the furniture added that extra 'mom' flare.

Sanded down, this striped hen thought she'd get a closer look

One of the more difficult aspects of the piece was the sides. Rounded edges and awkward sides.

Just incase you didn't catch the thing about being rainy outside, here is what the weather was doing. The red? Yes that is tornados and intense thunderstorms in my neighborhood. Good times!

Letting the first coat of stain dry, I used high tech equipment.

After sanding with 004 grade steelwool, this table ended up stunning. I applied several layers of polyeurithane to water proof it for spills and food. I am really pleased and very much wish I had a better photo to show you of the end result.

When stripping and staining there really needs to be attention to detail. (unlike my painting technique). I loved the challenge and now am ready to fix the old table that belonged to my grandmother. I am not sure why wood working, painting, and changing the face of furniture is so fun for me, but it is. I love it and am looking forward to my next project. A French Provencal dresser. eeks! Makes my heart pitter patter!   More blogs to come!