Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OK so it doesn't have to be old. Some more contemporary pieces have a long lasting quality to them that can be retouched and made to look loved, and worn and distressed. Bringing something that may be a little out dated back into something you would love to have in your home.

Currently I am working on a great end table that is solid wood from Ethan Allen. Best part about this end table is what is inside. Or what WILL be inside when someone buys it and crams it full of all the things you want no one to see.

I am calling it my 'peek a boo' table. As a mom of boys I can imagine all of the papers, bey blades, books, Lego's that can be hidden from view in this cute end table. And yet again, it is another one of those things that I would like to hoard keep, but my tiny dwelling won't allow it.

Sooo.....introducing the 'Peek a Boo' table:

Stay tuned.. the AFTER photos are coming.

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