Sunday, November 13, 2011

Technical difficulties... I was having a problem with my computer. BUT that doesn't mean I wasn't busy creating some really special pieces.

It is so exciting when I find an old piece that is tossed to the wayside, unwanted. I love that I can sell it as a new piece, restored and refinished. The drawback is that I don't have a studio or a shop (currently) so I can only do a few pieces at a time. This leads into the exciting opportunity of getting commissioned to do pieces that already are owned by people. I have been hired now by several different people to work on things that they either love but are just not updated, or want to make into that 'special' piece in their home.

A friend of mine has the most incredible sense of style, she had some really stunning chairs that she wanted yellow. Ahhh.. color! I love when people aren't afraid! She also had some bar stools that she wanted me to refinish so they could match her decor.

Here is some of that commissioned work:

 I sanded and stained the seats to get rid of that yellow pine/plastic color that bar stools normally have.

My friend was very pleased with the outcome, as was I. I should have taken before photos, but the 'after' speaks for itself.

During my computer hiatus, I also refinished (and sold):

..... A leaded glass window panel converted to a lovely coffee table. I loved how it perfectly matched my 'rooster on a stick' (as my 6 year old calls it). I have another one of these tables in the works.. If you are interested send me a comment! :)

That's it for now.. I think that next layer of paint is almost dry, so the floor to ceiling hutch is calling me back to work, but I will update tomorrow with a few other items I have worked on for some friends.

If you have anything you would like to be refinished, let me know, send a comment after this post or send an email.


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