Monday, November 14, 2011

I am about to do a series on "How to..." This is my part 1 to that series. Helpful Tools

Of course I have my Handy Dandy Sander.

I use this on flat solid surfaces. Before I paint, I always go over each surface with my sander. It helps get a 'grip' to the paint. You don't want to be lazy and just slap paint on wood. The oils, finish, whatever coats the item can cause your new paint to bubble or crack. (hey and that isn't always a bad thing - just sayin')

I never sand with my Black n Decker when doing detail work. I ONLY use my handy dandy- sponge sanding block.

BIG TIME helpful hint: have you been to the Dollar Tree recently? Well.. helloooo painting supplies! They have some great scrapers, sanders, and other tools there. Nothing like saving money on items that really don't need to be high quality.

2nd favorite repurposing/refinishing 'tool' is this:

Scent oils. Antiques often have an ummm stank odor to them. You know the blend between musty, moth balls, and that 'old' smell. I ALWAYS, even on newer cleaner pieces, put this scented oil drops in each drawer. I choose vanilla. Why? because I have it. You can do any scent in your furniture. They sell items like this at Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other similar stores.

More helpful hints coming over the weeks, so be sure to 'follow' my page. Hey and if you feel so inclined, share it as well. (my follow button is hidden at the bottom of the page or some other obscure location).

Happy painting, sanding, and refinishing!


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