Monday, July 2, 2012

Mirror mirror

Such a pretty Mirror. I wanted to do refinish it in a deep gold with a very heavy distressed look, then place it on my wall for all the days to come. However, every speck of wall is covered and there is just no room for this beauty.

I went with a classic white distressed look on this chippendale style mirror. It makes it easier to sell because it can fit in almost every home. You don't have to have every piece of wood in your home be the same matching color. Throw in a piece of furniture that is different, that has some extra character.

Or you could be like myself and have everything be unmatched, pretend it was planned, and call it 'my eclectic style.' 

This mirror is for sale. Please send an email for price and measurements.

Also if you are interested in 'following' this page you can scroll to the bottom and join in on the fun. I have multiple items I am working on so there should be a lot of traffic and a lot of great hints and tips as well. :)

Happy Painting!


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